Marshalls CPM is committed to Health and Safety. Please Stop and Read – Remember Safety Counts!

Marshalls CPM are committed to very high standards of Health and Safety; both with our own principals and that of industry at large. This is reflected in our Health and Safety Policy which is implemented to define these standards at all locations. They are designed to provide assurance that all persons involved in the Management of Health and Safety throughout Marshalls CPM know what is expected of them.

A culture of health and safety performance is then created and maintained, which encourages all persons to strive for continual improvements in performance. Marshalls CPM recognises that high standards of health and safety are not achieved by chance. For them to be achieved, maintained and where appropriate an understanding of the requirements necessary to bring about these improvements.

Firstly, suitable and sufficient resources need to be established in order for the standards we have set ourselves to work. In order for this, we use expert and knowledgeable advise from our Health and Safety Manager, who can offer information and guidance; not only to our own managers but also our customers, who’s enquiries include the ‘safe off-loading of our products from delivery vehicles’ ‘Safe use of Lifting equipment’, and also information on the load configuration of our vehicles, so at least they have an idea of how their order will arrive on site so they can be off-loaded safely.

Marshalls CPM take pride in knowing that our health and safety ethos is not only created through having the correct team on hand, but also by being ‘pro-active’, and learning from our experiences and mistakes, so in the end, we avoid accidents and incidents from happening. After all this is what Health and Safety is all about.

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