With an ever growing amount of vehicles on our roads, the highway network is constantly being upgraded and new road systems being introduced. Marshalls CPM offers a fast and effective service with day and night time deliveries to suit your needs, that are produced under factory controlled conditions.

Related Products

  • Concrete Pipes

    Marshalls CPM offer an extensive range of precast concrete flexible jointed pipes from 225mm to 1800mm to BS EN 1916:2002 Class 120.

    View Concrete Pipes

    Concrete Pipes Products

  • Traditional Manholes

    Marshalls CPM offer a traditional tongue and groove range of precast concrete manholes that comply with BS EN 1917:2002/BS 5911-3:2010 from 900mm to 3000mm.

    View Traditional Manholes

    Traditional Manholes Products

  • Sealed Manholes

    Marshalls CPM has developed a range of sealed manhole systems.

    View Sealed Manholes

    Sealed Manholes Products

  • Gully Pots/Covers

    Marshalls CPM gullies are typically used on roadways and are produced monolithically on fully automated machines.

    View Gully Pots/Covers
  • House Inspection Chamber

    Marshalls CPM produce a range of precast concrete inspection chambers (HIC) in a variety of depths.

    View House Inspection Chamber
  • Box Culverts

    Marshalls CPM's precast concrete box culverts are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 14844 in both standard sizes available from stock and a bespoke range that is manufactured to customer specification.

    View Box Culverts
  • Freestanding Wall Series

    Besides looking great, these Redi-Rock™ freestanding walls serve as guardrails or barrier walls to protect areas from errant traffic or other threats...

    View Freestanding Wall Series
  • Landscaping

    Marshalls CPM's Redi-Rock™ landscaping collection is ideal for private houses, housing developments, parks and gardens, industrial developments, river embankments, retail parks and country estates.

    View Landscaping
  • Reinforced Walls

    This Redi-Rock™ system combines the massive stability with the natural appearance of stone with the established performance of geogrid reinforcement through a simple and highly efficient positive connection with the Redi-Rock™ reinforced block.

    View Reinforced Walls
  • Retaining Wall Series

    Marshalls CPM's Redi-Rock™ retaining wall series offers low project costs and a high quality solution.

    View Retaining Wall Series
  • Flood Protection

    Marshalls CPM offers a range of flexible low cost, high quality solutions based on their innovative Redi-Rock™ interlocking modular wall system.

    View Flood Protection
  • L-Shape Retaining Walls

    Manufactured in an assortment of sizes, Marshalls CPM's precast concrete L shape retaining walls are ideal for a variety of applications.

    View L-Shape Retaining Walls
  • Attenuation

    As the increasing impact of developments in urban areas compromises the natural flow patterns of the water cycle, leading to an increase in the volume and flow rate, together with detrimental impact on the quality of surface water runoff, storm attenuation products are being a necessity.

    View Attenuation

    Attenuation Products

  • Valve Chambers

    Marshalls CPM Off Site Solutions team can manufacture a wide range of bespoke precast valve chambers to suit customer requirements.

    View Valve Chambers
  • Pump & Wet Well Chambers

    Marshalls CPM off site solutions team can manufacture a wide of pump and wet well chambers to suit the requirements of customers.

    View Pump & Wet Well Chambers
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

    To resolve the dilemma of excessive flow in sewers Marshalls CPM offer a range of bespoke combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers which reduce the overcapacity at the treatment works.

    View Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)
  • Combined Pump & Valve Chamber

    A partnership between Marshalls CPM’s off-site solutions team and contractors, NMC Nomenca has developed a combined pump and valve chamber by utilising Marshalls CPM’s caisson shaft system.

    View Combined Pump & Valve Chamber

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