Why use Redi-Rock to prevent river erosion?

With the increased flooding of rivers becoming more common over the last 10 years, the Environment Agency has looked at different ways in which river bank erosion can be avoided.

One such way has been the introduction of the Redi-Rock modular walling system which can be used to either prevent the erosion in the first place or to repair a damaged riverfront, once erosion has taken place.  The 100% concrete walling system can be used to stabilise an existing walling structure or to replace a failing system.

Such a project was undertaken in Tregaron, Wales where Redi-Rock walling was used to strengthen the existing walls that bordered the River Teifi.  Both the local community and the Environment Agency were delighted with the final outcome as it stopped the reoccurrence of flooding, blended into the natural environment and caused minimal disruption to the local community as it was quick and easy to install.

The Redi-Rock solution stopped further damage to the existing flood walls and stablised the banks of the river which have required no further works since the new walls were installed.




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