Diversity and Inclusion

At Marshalls CPM we pride ourselves on being a friendly Company, offering our team members valuable career development opportunities and look to nurture talent at all levels within our Company; from factory based roles such as production managers and electricians, to office based opportunities across our business functions, such as civil engineers, accountancy and sales roles.

Embracing diversity enables Marshalls CPM to succeed in a competitive market. We are one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete drainage products and retaining walls in the UK, providing jobs and career progression opportunities for over 400 employees.

We make all our hiring decisions without prejudice towards age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or religion and aim to treat all of our people fairly. Our honest and open approach to recruitment and our people is one of the defining factors in the Marshalls CPM culture and future workforce.

We believe that investing in the development of a broad range of skills, experiences and backgrounds not only gives us a competitive edge, but it also puts us in the best position of meeting the needs of our business and our clients.

What we look for

Our goal is to become the employer of choice in the industry, attracting and retaining people because of our culture and the opportunities we provide for career development.

Having the right people in place is key to our corporate strategy and commercial success.

Regardless of what level role you are applying for, or what business function you are interested in, there are certain behaviours that we look for in all our people. Listed are a few examples of the competencies that are vital to success at Marshalls CPM irrespective of your level in the business or functional area.

A collaborative approach to work. In a business with six different regional offices with separate priorities specific to the communities in which they operate, it is vital that we share ideas, learn from our colleagues and communicate regularly and effectively.

Be open to change in a sector that is always adapting to legislation, innovation and customer feedback.

Always focus on our customer and their needs. Without them we would not be the business we are today – in fact we wouldn’t be a business at all! A solution focused approach rather than a blame culture is required. 

Our community

Marshalls CPM has an inclusive culture, where differences are valued and individuality embraced, we embrace team work and believe that members from differing communities offer a wider knowledge of which we can grow from.

Local community

A successful enterprise operates on strong ethical principles and Marshalls CPM is no exception to this rule. Our employees, partners and the communities surrounding our operations are of paramount importance to our current and future success. Wherever possible we source products and services from local suppliers.

Our workforce is our extended family and they generally live in local communities. We encourage them to participate in local sports, raise money for charities and organise events. We operate as a team and regular weekend team-building events provide us with a healthy respect for each other’s strengths and forge friendships that last a lifetime.

Training and Development

Our culture is all about our people – Our family and our training policy is based on an individual’s needs to ensure that everyone is developed to meet their potential.  It’s in our interest that everyone fulfills their training and development needs, as quite simply if you’re doing well, so is Marshalls CPM.

Every team member is empowered to develop their career and Marshalls CPM can truly be a world of opportunity.

The development of our people is key and though we’re all driven by different aspirations, we share the same commitment to quality.  Our work we do is carried out to standards beyond best practice in an exciting environment where success thrives. The expert help, guidance and advice we offer our customers is all down to the people who work here.


As well as being full supported with on the job training and development, Marshalls CPM group offers a competitive package that includes a stakeholder pension, cycle to work scheme, childcare vouchers and EAP (Employee Assistance Programme).

When you start your career with Marshalls CPM, a full induction programme will be given.

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