When Liverpool Football Club wanted a state of the art training facility that would stand the test of time, it included what was put underground as well as what’s on top.

When McLaughlin and Harvey began work on Liverpool’s new 34.6 hectare training complex, it included new first team pitches, a full size covered pitch, an area for parents of academy players and visitors and a 91,500 square feet training centre, they looked for sustainable solutions that were cost effective and would last a lifetime.

London based architects, KSS began designing the project, having previously worked on projects for Leicester Football Club, the main stand at Liverpool’s Anfield ground and the number one court at Wimbledon, they took on board Liverpool’s core values of being embedded into the building form and materials, providing a focused motivated “place of work” environment for elite athletes in both body and mind.

When sourcing the pipeline requirements, the Marshalls CPM precast concrete chamber manholes fitted the bill.  With their 120 year design life, responsible local sourcing of raw material and the appropriate use of recycled materials ticking all the boxes set by McLaughlin and Harvey, KSS and Liverpool Football Club.