More and more of us are working from home and if we are going to the office, we are not receiving visitors, which may be effecting your CPD learning objectives

We are offering a range of CPD style presentations online, which means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your chair.

We have the following online learning presentations available:

Below ground water management systems

  • Overview of precast SuDS solutions that convey, collect, attenuate, protect, treat and release into the water management system
  • How concrete stormwater solutions have a proven long-life, removing the need for replacement within the infrastructure design life
  • Overview of modern methods of construction that can reduce construction times, promote sustainability and reduce the need for skilled labour
  • Understanding the impact of urbanisation and climate change and how ‘hidden’ underground precast systems can offer a trusted life-time ‘unseen’ solution

Modular Retaining Walls

  • Why the BBA approved, CE marked Redi-Rock™ natural stone looking walling is the ultimate sustainable solution. If plans change, just pick it up and move it
  • Overview of the Redi-Rock™ system that is widely used as part of the UK flood defence system, as well as on rail, housing, highways, security, commercial and infrastructure projects
  • Understanding why the space saving big block solution is versatile enough to achieve height without compromising on strength whilst eliminating other trades
  • Examining how an engineered retaining wall solution can add value to your project, be quick and easy to install and require less land-take.

 Bespoke Manhole Systems

  • With optimised flow characteristics and bespoke bases, find out how the sealed manhole offers complete customer choice
  • Why using concrete pipe systems can reduce the imported granular bedding required for installation, enabling a more sustainable project
  • How a watertight sealed manhole, with a bespoke base can be installed within 30 minutes
  • Why site practice and increased health and safety benefits are key to the success of the Perfect manhole system

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