NMCNomenca have delivered a major sewerage project on time and within budget, using precast concrete drainage products from Marshalls CPM, in Hagley, near Birmingham.

The £1.2m Severn Trent flood alleviation scheme has been designed to alleviate the sewer flooding of homes and roads that had been caused by insufficient capacity within the old sewerage system, combined with high surface water run-off and saw the installation of 50 1500mm and 99 1800mm precast concrete pipes, some of which were laid as a multi-tank system to improve the management of water ensuring that the day to day life of the community is not disturbed by flooding.

The Institution of Civil Engineers’ West Midlands were so impressed with the scheme and the project’s effective community engagement that they awarded the scheme the Communication Award. Judges were impressed that the Hagley community was informed of the project two years before work started and that stakeholder concerns were addressed and communicated with residents.

To see the installation of pipes on site please visit https://youtu.be/Qo4IK-IpS8M