Marshalls CPM offer a traditional tongue and groove range of manholes that comply with BS EN 1917:2002 and/or BS 5911-3:2010 from 900mm to 3000mm.

Marshalls CPM manufacture 3660mm and 4000mm manholes that are not covered by the British or European standard but comply with all the relevant provisions of the standards.

Marshalls CPM is able to offer a range of precast concrete chamber rings in BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is now a requirement for all government construction projects.

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  • Chamber Rings/Soakaways

    Marshalls CPM manhole chamber sections are supplied with nominal 50mm diameter holes for lifting purposes.

    View Chamber Rings/Soakaways
  • Cover Slabs

    Marshalls CPM offer a range of standard heavy duty cover slabs from 900mm to 4000mm.

    View Cover Slabs
  • Landing/Reducing Slabs

    Landing slabs to suit 1500mm chamber sections and above are manufactured with a 900mm circular access. Reducing slabs to suit up to and including DN 4000 chamber sections are generally manufactured with a 900mm, 1050mm or 1200mm circular reducing section.

    View Landing/Reducing Slabs
  • Adjusting Units/Seating Rings

    Marshalls CPM provide one piece adjusting units, two piece adjusting units and Scottish Water seating slab (Lothian Slab) solutions.

    View Adjusting Units/Seating Rings
  • Catchpits

    Marshalls CPM has developed a range of Off Site Solutions catchpit and silt trap manholes to speed up construction.

    View Catchpits
  • Sealant

    Marshalls CPM concrete joint sealing strip is resistant to chemical and biological attack. The sealant is a compound rubber and bitumen joint sealing strip that is used to provide a permanent flexible watertight seal, along with a primer.

    View Sealant
  • Rectangular Manholes

    Marshalls CPM produces rectangular manholes with a tongue and groove joint, which are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN1917:2002/BS5911-3:2002.

    View Rectangular Manholes

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  • Do you recommend surrounding pre-cast concrete manholes with in-situ concrete?

    Concrete surrounds to manholes are not always necessary in the majority of situations. However if the sewer is to be adopted, this may be a requirement.

  • Do you supply certificates of conformity for your standard products?

    No – they are not required as our standard products are certified under the BS ‘Kitemark’ system – certification can be viewed here.

  • What are the recommended self-cleansing velocities for foul and surface water concrete sewers?

    Minimum self cleansing velocities are:

    Foul sewers: 0.75m/sec at one third design flow.

    Surface water sewers: 1.0m/s at full pipe flow.

  • Where can I get additional assistance on the use of concrete drainage products?

    Additional assistance can be had via the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association, see

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