Marshalls CPM has developed a range of Off-Site Solutions catchpit and silt trap manholes so why spend days constructing an in-situ catch-pit manhole on site when one-piece chambers are available now and can be installed within hours, not days!

The reinforced watertight one-piece structures offer greater design flexibility with a range of cored or pre-formed holes/cut-outs for inlet/outlet holes which come complete with seals.

Marshalls CPM modular catchpits save money and time as they are built under factory conditions to your specification ensuring dimensional correctness as well as a high quality finish.

Design options include:
  • 1050mm to 3000mm standard tongue and groove complete with a cast-in base
  • 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm sealed manhole joint complete with cast-in base
  • Pipe inlet/outlet diameters covered by system 100mm to 1800mm
Benefits of using a Marshalls CPM catchpit and silt trap:
  • Reduced costs in construction time and on-site personnel
  • Sump depths to suit design requirements
  • Accommodates uPVC, twinwall, clay, ductile iron and concrete
  • Increased Health and Safety benefits as it reduces on-site construction
  • Reduces wet trades for manhole construction
  • Product is made and tested under factory conditions
  • Eliminates extra transport and material wastage used with on-site construction methods
  • Chamber bases are kitemarked
  • 1050mm unit weighs less than one tonne
  • Bespoke design to suit customer requirements
  • Standard tongue and groove joints
  • Greatly reduced installation time on site
  • None or minimal on-site fabrication required

Marshalls CPM is able to offer precast concrete products in BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is now a requirement for all government construction projects.


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  • Do you recommend surrounding pre-cast concrete manholes with in-situ concrete?

    Concrete surrounds to manholes are not always necessary in the majority of situations. However if the sewer is to be adopted, this may be a requirement.

  • Do you supply certificates of conformity for your standard products?

    No – they are not required as our standard products are certified under the BS ‘Kitemark’ system – certification can be viewed here.

  • Where can I get additional assistance on the use of concrete drainage products?

    Additional assistance can be had via the Concrete Pipeline Systems Association, see

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