Marshalls CPM gullies are typically used on roadways and are produced monolithically on fully automated machines, providing a strong robust unit that needs no concrete surround and are not subject to floatation.

Precast concrete road gullies can be supplied with adaptors for connection to clay or plastic pipes.

Marshalls CPM gullies are manufactured to BS5911:2004 Part 6

Gully weights and dimensions
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Gully cover slabs

Gully cover slabs are available in both square and ‘U’ shaped, with handling recesses for lifting brackets and are designed as a seating for a gully grate and used on top of a 450mm gully.

Marshalls CPM gully cover slabs are quick to lay and sit flush to the kerb for enhanced stability, eliminating brickwork vertical joint ‘weakspots’.

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Gully Adaptors

The gully adaptor is a versatile elastomeric sealing adaptor ring manufactured in EPDM rubber to BS 2494 Type D.

Procedure for installation and selection of gully adaptor:
  1. Ensure the gully outlet socket is clean. Any hard points should be removed
  2. Fit adaptor into socket. The adaptor seals are designed slightly larger than the socket to ensure positive location and an effective seal. Care should be taken to even out the seal to remove folds, although if left, this will occur naturally.
  3. Place pipe in adaptor and push home.
  4. Lubricant requirements:
    i) Smooth plastic pipe – requires no lubricant.
    ii) Supersleve pipe – can be jointed dry with care, but lubricant may be used to assist jointing.
    ii) Densleeve/Hepseal/Corrugated pipes – lubricant such as water/soap, silicone etc. is required for jointing purposes. In some instances for corrugated pipes it may be advisable to place the pipe in the adaptor prior to its location in the gully outlet.

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