Marshalls CPM produce a range of precast concrete house inspection chambers (HIC) in a variety of depths, with tongue and groove joints to BS EN 1917:2002/BS 5911-4:2002.

HIC units can be supplied banded as detailed in the tables on weights and dimensions.

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The chambers, which are economic and versatile to meet the demands of domestic drainage installation, are easily handled and excavation below ground level is reduced to a minimum.

HIC chamber sections weights and dimensions
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For depths in excess of 1.5m the use of a concrete surround is recommended.

Top sections for concrete covers weights and dimensions
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Top sections

Top sections for 750mm x 600mm and larger chambers act as reducing slabs, enabling standard 600mm x 450mm covers to be fitted irrespective of the size of chambers involved.

To provide concrete top section for 1000mm x 675mm requires:

  • Top section for metal cover and frame 1000mm x 675mm (i.e. reducer).
  • Top section for concrete cover 600mm x 450mm and concrete cover slab.
Concrete cover slabs

HIC concrete cover slabs are supplied to suit the top sections, and are 695mm x 540mm overall, 60mm thick and weigh 55kgs.

Marshalls CPM house inspection chambers can be jointed quickly and easily with bituminous or butyl compounds providing a watertight seal without the use of a concrete surround. For depths in excess of 1.5m the use of a concrete surround is recommended.

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