Marshalls CPM has developed an off site large modular manhole system that is designed to speed up the installation of the manhole whilst providing a safe working environment for personnel working within the manhole.

The benefits of the wide wall section include:
  • An established and proven product range that is Quality Assured
  • The chamber is supplied with a reinforced cast-in base.
  • The chamber system provides performed inlet and outlet holes to suit pipe requirements
  • The chambers are manufactured in fixed steel moulds that give a superior dimensional accuracy.
  • Wide wall chambers have an inherent structural concrete strength with a 120 year design life.
  • Chamber units are supplied with cast-in brackets for a lifting loop system.
  • AutoCAD drawings can be provided
  • Kitemarked product range
Product specifications include:
  • Chamber sections are available in 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3660mm and 4000mm diameters
  • The chamber sections can be supplied in 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm depths.
  • All chamber sections are manufactured to the requirements of BS5911-3, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700 and 3000mm are kitemarked.
  • The base chamber is manufactured with a 200mm deep; grade C40, reinforced concrete base doweled into the chamber unit. Concrete has a minimum cover to reinforcement of 30mm.
  • Chamber units can be bolted together using a minimum 4No T16 Grade 8.8 continuous threaded rods if required.
  • The inlets and outlets are either pre-scored, pre-formed or cored holes (depending on size) to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • Cover slabs are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 1917:2002 and BS 5911-3:2010

If you would like a CPD style presentation on the Marshalls CPM preformed system please call our marketing team on 01902 356220 or email

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