Marshalls CPM’s Redi-Rock™ modular concrete walling is ideal for protecting the rail line against erosion, landslips and rock falls, as the big block solution is both quick and easy to install when you have limited ‘track time’ available or night-time possessions.

With less disruption to services through quick and economical installation in any weather, the Redi-Rock™ blocks have the look of natural stone and are available in three different faces, (Cobblestone, Ledgestone and Limestone) so blend in with the natural environment and are versatile enough to achieve height without compromising strength and require less space than traditional methods of construction.

Each modular block weighs approximately one tonne and is dry laid, in any weather, so walls can be built in a fraction of the time and costs compared to other methods, a real benefit when closing the rail network for trackside maintenance and improvements.

With its strength and earth retaining capabilities Redi-Rock™ modular walling keeps both the train and track safe whilst offering a pleasant viewing and safe experience for rail passengers, making it an obvious choice for the rail industry.

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