Redi-Rock™ Reinforced Walls

Marshalls CPM’s Redi-Rock™ reinforced walling or positive connection system (PC) is used in conjunction with a geogrid has been rigorous tested and is used when either an increased load or height is required. Due to the massive size of each block, using the system can reduce time and money spent on installation.

Benefits of Redi-Rock™ PC System walls include:

Corrosion-free reinforcement

  • Enables simplified wall construction
  • Increased wall height achieved with reduced geosynthetic reinforcement requirements
  • Can use in conjunction with freestanding walls to create a complete solution for your project

Marshalls CPM’s Redi-Rock™ modular reinforced walling can improved the overall aesthetic look with a variety of standard face textures and colour options, and delivers an attractive, cost effective, high performance retaining wall structure.

This Redi-Rock™ system combines the massive stability with the natural appearance of stone with the established performance of geogrid reinforcement through a simple and highly efficient positive connection with the Redi-Rock™ reinforced block. The Redi-Rock™ product is single but massively effective.

This result is a superior retaining wall system developed to meet the most demanding structural needs of highways, harbours, flood defence, bridge abutments, rail projects, embankments, airports and as well as industrial and commercial projects.

Redi-Rock™ is an engineered retaining wall system that looks great, is easy to install, and will stand the test of time. Marshalls CPM is the exclusive manufacturer of Redi-Rock™ retaining walls within mainland UK, including England, Scotland, and Wales. We lead the retaining wall market in the UK with extensive production facilities across the UK.

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