Rainwater management systems offer a cost effective solution to the growing dilemma of water storages and management throughout the United Kingdom.

Rainwater harvesting is designed to collect and store your rainwater effortlessly until it is needed, regardless of whether you need it for your own home or a commercial development, Marshalls CPM can offer a practical precast solution.

Marshalls CPM has developed a sustainable water collection, storage and supply system to help reduce the demand for mains water from domestic and commercial buildings. The Oasis Rainwater and Greywater Harvesting System is just one product in a complete package of Storm Attenuation Solutions provided by the Marshalls CPM.

Marshalls CPM is a founder member of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association.

The Oasis system is manufactured using only products proven for their reliability and efficiency. The storage tanks are manufactured in pre-cast reinforced concrete and benefit from a 120 year design life therefore giving long term peace of mind concerning durability of our storage chambers/tanks.

  • Basic Rainwater Harvesting

    Marshalls CPM offers many different types of precast rainwater systems for both domestic and larger schemes i.e. schools, offices, commercial developments etc.

    View Basic Rainwater Harvesting
  • Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    The Oasis Commercial system uses the tried and tested Storm Attenuation storage pipe components, which can withstand traffic loading conditions.

    View Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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