As the increasing impact of developments in urban areas compromises the natural flow patterns of the water cycle, leading to an increase in the volume and flow rate, together with detrimental impact on the quality of surface water runoff, storm attenuation products are being a necessity.

With the increased volume of water runoff, coupled with faster flow rates could lead to an increased risk of flooding downstream if the local sewer or watercourse does not have sufficient capacity to cope, extra attenuation will be required, but normally with a restriction on the flow rate from the site.

Attenuation Products

  • Direct Pipe Access System

    Marshalls CPM has developed and manufactured an offsite manhole for large diameter concrete pipe systems that completely removes the need for a traditional manhole, any on-site benching or concrete surround.

    View Direct Pipe Access System
  • Stop End Pipes

    A stop end pipe is normally used at the end of off-link tanks and do not include an access point. They can be manufactured with an inlet and outlet hole at any position with any diameter hole size complete with a seal.

    View Stop End Pipes
  • Stop End Bend

    Stop end bends consist of a 90° Bend used in an up-right position as access into the pipeline and are mainly used at the downstream end depending upon the overall depth required.

    View Stop End Bend
  • Side Entry Manholes

    Side entry manholes are normally used to gain mid run access entry into an in-line or off-line tank and consists of a standard concrete pipe complete with access shaft.

    View Side Entry Manholes
  • Mid Entry Manholes

    Mid entry manholes are usually used for mid run access into either in-line or off-line tanks and consist of a standard pipe with a saddle slab and cored access hole.

    View Mid Entry Manholes
  • Side & Mid Entry Manholes

    A side or mid entry manhole complete with a bend is an economic method for accessing a tank system, eliminating the requirement for a traditional manhole and is usually used for mid access into an in-line run requiring a change of direction.

    View Side & Mid Entry Manholes
  • End Entry Manholes

    An end entry manhole is used at the end of either an in-line or off-link tank, consisting of a standard pipe with a reinforced end wall, saddle slab pre-fitted onto the barrel complete with an access hole to suit and a 1200mm sealed manhole joint.

    View End Entry Manholes
  • Lateral Connections

    Lateral connections are for parallel tank systems, where holes can be cored to accept connecting pipes.

    View Lateral Connections

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