Marshalls CPM has developed an off-site precast concrete solution headwall system designed to connect pipe work discharging into open watercourses, that offers a cost effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting discharge from pipework into open watercourses.

Benefits of the Marshalls CPM headwall include:
  • Marshalls CPM headwalls can accommodate pipe-work up to and including 900mm
  • Can be pre-fitted with closed coupled and cranked gratings
  • Three sizes available each with various height options
  • Bespoke precast options available
  • Can be pre-fitted with various accessories including: Hydro-Brakes®, Penstocks, Non-return Flap Valves
  • Prefabricated off-site under factory conditions
  • Can be installed at a fraction of the cost of an in-situ unit with no on-site shuttering or formwork required
  • Greatly reduced installation time on site (minimising on-site labour and costs)
  • No or minimal on-site fabrication
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective solution

With three sizes available, Marshalls CPM headwalls can be pre-fitted with Hydro-Brakes®, Penstocks, Non-return Flap Valves depending upon application, please ask us about our time saving solutions for your headwall requirements.  Precast headwalls control erosion and scour resulting from excessive velocities and turbulence and prevent adjacent soil from sloughing into the watercourse opening.

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  • Do you supply certificates of conformity for your standard products?

    No – they are not required as our standard products are certified under the BS ‘Kitemark’ system – certification can be viewed here.

  • What materials can be used as backfill for a concrete pipeline?

    In many situations the ‘as-dug’ trench material is suitable for backfill (should be readily compactable and free from large boulders etc).

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