The Hydro-Brake Optimum® chamber comprises of a precast concrete chamber base containing a bespoke Hydro-Brake Optimum® Flow Control which is delivered to site ready for immediate installation.

As the Hydro-Brake Optimum® Flow Control is already installed in the chamber complete with preformed benching (preformed benching with standard units only), installation is cut to a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods. Inlet hole(s) are cored or formed prior to delivery and are made to suit exact site requirements. A range of outlet pipe sizes are also available to suit site requirements.

Once lifted into position the connecting pipework can be installed.  Depending on the overall depth of chamber required, further concrete rings can be added and the cover slab positioned (additional concrete chamber rings and cover slabs sold separately),

The Hydro-Brake Optimum® is Hydro International’s new generation of Hydro-Brake® Flow Control.

The Hydro-Brake Optimum® has been independently certified by with the BBA and WRc giving engineers and adopting bodies’ confidence in both the performance and characteristics of the device along with the durability/longevity of the product itself.

  • Stormwater attenuation/storage scheme
  • Source Control
  • Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Retrofit SuDS applications
  • Flood prevention
  • Blue roofs
  • Foul/combined application
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Foul/combined sewers
  • Sewer risk management
Key Benefits of the Hydro-Brake Optimum® includes:
  • Unique tailoring of the full response characteristics of the devices to give the very best vortex based solution to any flow control requirement
  • Outperforms other vortex flow controls by offering up to 15% reduction in upstream storage, significantly reducing capital expense
  • Outlets (clearances) up to 20% larger, minimising the risk of blockage and future maintenance costs
  • Design and performance independently accredited by both BBA and WRc, giving total confidence in product reliability and operation
  • Option to include adjustable intake to allow for up to 20% adjustment of the flow, future proofing in case of site modification or climate changes
  • A range of time saving installation options to simplify construction
  • Accepted by water companies and local authorities across the UK and Ireland

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