The Marshalls CPM team has developed an off-site precast concrete solution Spillway system, so why spend days constructing an in-situ headwall on site when precast options are available now that are made under factory conditions and can be installed in hours, not days!

Benefits of the spillway outfall include
  • One-piece reinforced concrete
  • Marshalls CPM Spillway Headwalls can accommodate pipe-work up to and including 1600mm ID – 2000mm OD
  • Can be prefitted closed, coupled and cranked gratings
  • Four sizes available each with various height options
  • Bespoke precast options available
  • Can be prefitted various accessories including: Hydro-Brakes®, Penstocks, Non-return Flap Valves
  • Can be installed at a fraction of the cost of in-situ unit.
  • Greatly reduced installation time on site
  • No or minimal on-site fabrications

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