Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) have been introduced following the increase in urbanisation, which has increased flash flooding after rainfalls.

To combat these problems the Environment Agency has been promoting the use of Sustainable urban Drainage Solutions (SuDS). The Planning Policy Guidance Note 25 for England on Development and Flooding, emphasises the role of SuDS and introduces a general presumption that they will be used. SuDS will probably feature increasingly in such guidance documents, as they are revised.

SuDS is a process for achieving integrated surface water drainage design with the objectives of:
  • Reducing the risk of flooding from developments.
  • Minimising pollution arising from surface water runoff to groundwater.
  • Maintaining recharge to groundwater.
  • Better use of water resources.
  • Improvement to water amenity & biodiversity.

Marshalls CPM has developed a range of SuDS products to counter this and try to replicate natural systems using cost effective precast solutions:

Circular Pipes

Rigid precast pipeline systems with flexible joints are used for the conveyance of storm-water and foul-water. Perforated pipes enable storm-water to percolate into the ground

Ovoid Pipes

An egg shaped pipeline system that has better velocity characteristics at low flow than equivalent circular pipes

Flat Pack Tanks

Modular attenuation tank systems, made from precast panels produced under factory conditions

Sealed Manholes

An off-site watertight solution pre-benched and configured to the required inlet/outlet orientation, ensuring less wet wells on site


Perforated chambers which may be open void (providing storage) or contain filter medium (providing treatment) to facilitate percolation of stormwater into the ground

Hydro-Brake Optimum® Flow Control Chambers

Hydro-Brake Optimum® chambers are pre-installed with flow control devices such as a penstock, non return valve, weir wall or an orifice plate,

Road Gullies

Designed to receive stormwater runoff from paved surfaces and first-line gravity separation of silt.

Direct Access Pipe Systems

An off-site manhole for large diameter concrete pipes system that completely removes the need for a traditional manhole, any on-site benching or concrete surround. The system incorporates the highly successful and SA7 approved Sealed Manhole joint system

Hydro Downstream Defender® Separator

The most advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator available for the removal of sediment, oil and floatables from stormwater runoff


Used for the gravity separation of debris and silt to prevent them passing downstream, the watertight one piece structure offers greater design flexibility with a range of core or pre-formed hole/cut-outs for inlets/outlets which come complete with seals


Designed for connecting swales, ponds, detention basins etc in to underground pipes, with the use of inlets and outlets, headwalls are available with flap valves and grills.

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