The Marshalls CPM Biofilter™ is an innovation biofiltration system that harnesses the natural treatment action of vegetation and the filtration power of specially engineered soils.

Above ground the Marshalls CPM Biofilter™ looks like a normal tree box, with a suitable plant or small tree growing through the decorative grating in a precast concrete cover slab at pavement level.  Underneath, the precast concrete chamber contains a layer of enhaunced mulch on top of a unique soil filter medium to deliver high levels of surface water threatment.

Surface water is channelled into the Biofilter™ through a kerbside inlet, through an inlet pipe or directly from the surface and flows through the mulch, plant and soil filter media, providing high-performace, high-flow filtration that targets sediment, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and nutrients.

Targeted Pollutants
  • Very fine particles
  • Dissolved, liquid and sediment bound hydrocarbons
  • Gross pollutants
  • Sediment bound heavy metals
  • Sediment bound nutrients
  • Dissolved pollutants

The Marshalls CPM Biofilter engineers in nature’s way to enhaunce any urban environment even where space is at a permium or where a retrofit surface water treatment solution is required.  Suitable for residential or commercial settings, car parks and roadways.

  • Hydro-Brake Chambers

    The Hydro-Brake Optimum® chamber comprises of a precast concrete chamber base containing a bespoke Hydro-Brake Optimum® Flow Control which is delivered to site ready for immediate installation.

    View Hydro-Brake Chambers
  • First Defense

    The First Defense® is an economical hydrodynamic vortex separator for effective removal of sediment, litter and oil from surface water runoff.

    View First Defense
  • Downstream Defenders

    Marshalls CPM in a joint venture with Hydro International has introduced a Stormwater treatment system called the Downstream Defender®, an advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator.

    View Downstream Defenders
  • Up-Flo Filters

    The Up-Flo™ Filter is an innovative surface water filtration technology that delivers a high-performance multi-stage treatment train within a single device.

    View Up-Flo Filters

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