Marshalls CPM can offer a fast, effective precast solution to modern wastewater developments.

Whether it be a domestic or commercial project, Marshalls CPM can supply precast concrete modular tanks, wall panels, flat pack chambers, circular chamber systems, valve chambers or wet well chambers which will save you on both installation costs and time spent on site.

Advantages of using Marshalls CPM precast concrete solutions can include:
  • A reduced footprint and land usage
  • Speed of construction – duration on site can be reduced, which in turn reduces the disruption to residents as well as the operational staff
  • Produced under factory conditions which improves the finishing tolerances
  • Off-site production is not weather dependent
  • Guaranteed consistency of design/construction
  • Reduction in excavated material on site
  • Combined Pump & Valve Chamber

    A partnership between Marshalls CPM’s off-site solutions team and contractors, NMC Nomenca has developed a combined pump and valve chamber by utilising Marshalls CPM’s caisson shaft system.

    View Combined Pump & Valve Chamber
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)

    To resolve the dilemma of excessive flow in sewers Marshalls CPM offer a range of bespoke combined sewer overflow (CSO) chambers which reduce the overcapacity at the treatment works.

    View Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)
  • Cover Slabs

    Marshalls CPM produce large circular cover slabs up to 3000mm that comply with BS EN 1917:2002 and BS 5911-3:2002.

    View Cover Slabs
  • Pump & Wet Well Chambers

    Marshalls CPM off site solutions team can manufacture a wide of pump and wet well chambers to suit the requirements of customers.

    View Pump & Wet Well Chambers
  • Pumping Station Storage Tanks

    Marshalls CPM can provide a range of precast concrete storage tanks for pumping chambers with either separate or a combined chamber and pipe system. Both systems utilise the Marshalls CPM attenuation pipe system that allows for a huge range of solutions.

    View Pumping Station Storage Tanks
  • Valve Chambers

    Marshalls CPM Off Site Solutions team can manufacture a wide range of bespoke precast valve chambers to suit customer requirements.

    View Valve Chambers
  • Flat Pack Chambers

    Marshalls CPM has developed a flat pack chamber system that can be used in situations where conventional circular chambers are not appropriate.

    View Flat Pack Chambers
  • T-T Pumping Stations

    Marshalls CPM, in conjunction with T-T Pumps have introduced the Ready Sump® which offers a unique design that incorporates the key features required for sewage, drainage and effluent stations and that meets the adoptable standards demanded by the water companies.

    View T-T Pumping Stations

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